Live On, University

Late yesterday, news broke about members of SAE at my alma mater, the University of Oklahoma, chanting racist things. Honestly, I initially thought that people were overreacting, as we often do.  Then I saw the video (I won’t post that video on my page.  I’m sure you can find it very easily if you really want to, which you shouldn’t.).  It wasn’t a single member saying a single racist word; it was a whole bus full of members chanting a racist song, a song which was definitely taught, whether that be officially or unofficially (that is, I believe, still under investigation).  The song, quite frankly, is disturbing on so, so many levels. I am ashamed that this would happen at OU and that all of OU is shaded in controversy for what a small group of people have done.

Thankfully, both SAE National and President Boren have taken a strong stance against OU SAE. Here is President Boren’s statement (from his Twitter @President_Boren):



Luckily, the University’s quick response has softened the blow from SAE’s actions.  In fact, the White House has applauded President Boren’s actions.  One thing we must remember is this: as outrageous as what SAE members said is, we must make sure to remember that people make mistakes.  We should condemn the action, but not the person.  It is not wrong to express outrage, but we should stop short of judging the people.  This isn’t to say they shouldn’t be punished: there has already been some punishment and there is sure to be even more coming down the pike.

If nothing else, this has united the University and exposed a problem in our culture.  Through prayer, hopefully this will be resolved.


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