More Opinions on the SAE Incident

Today, President Boren expelled two young men in response to the SAE racist chant.

I support President Boren in the administrative action. Sadly, names are beginning to be thrown around as instigators and “leaders” of the chant.  My opinion only, of course, but we do not need to be trying to run them out of town on a rail. Do we support what they did? Obviously, absolutely not.  Just as this has been one of the worst times for the University during our college careers, this will likely be some of the worst times of their lives. These kids (yes, they’re still kids…) made an absolutely horrible mistake, and they’re being justly punished for it. We don’t need to be making death threats, making fun of them on social media, and the sort. We should be praying for them and, if we know them personally, be helping them to understand their mistake and help them get on with their lives.