God Qualifies the Chosen

“God does not call the qualified, he qualifies the chosen.”  This is something that over the past several months, I have had to remember.  I am not perfect, nor will I ever be.  I’m an ordinary person.  Some might try to make me sound or feel more qualified than I truly am, while others (including Satan) will try to tell me that I am a wretched person who has no future.  Neither of these are true.  While I can be striving for greatness, I am not there yet.  There is only so much I can do outside of an environment conducive for formation.

Last week, I was accepted as a Seminarian for the Archdiocese of Oklahoma City.  I have been assigned to attend St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Colo.  I will begin studies there in August.  Since many might wonder what the next step of the journey is, I thought I would try to explain things to the best of my ability.

Next year, my first in seminary, I will go through a Spirituality Year.  A few things that highlight this year include a technology fast and an Ignatian 30-Day Silent retreat to conclude the year.  These will be the biggest challenges for me.  As my brother seminarians have told me, SY is the “Best year you never want to do again.”

Following Spirituality Year, I will go through two years of philosophical studies, which will give me the proper foundation for the following four years of theological studies.  If it is God’s will, I will be ordained to the priesthood after my fourth year of theology.

Your continued prayers are requested over the coming years, as I seek to do God’s will.

Photo courtesy of Zak Boazman (Archdiocese of Oklahoma City)

St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, Denver, Colorado.  Photo courtesy of Zak Boazman


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